Hello, you want to know more about our Organic Instant Thai Rice Noodles.

This nutritious energy booster from Thailand is made with thin brown rice noodles and has one of the four real Thai flavours Green Curry, Tom Yam, Yellow Curry or Tom Kha.

  • Our instant noodle soup is completely organic and naturally lactose and gluten free. No artificial fragrances, colourings or artificial preservatives have been used in the soup. And the soup contains no added sugars.

    The noodle soup comes in a sturdy bamboo cup that has the Forest Stewardship Council quality mark. The cup is resealable, but also biologically compostable and contains the international food choice logo Nutri-Score. No plastic was used for the coating of the cup, but polylactic acid, a natural coating of cornstarch.

    The Organic Instant Thai Rice Noodles carry the Vegan Trademark of The Vegan Society. This is the world's leading standard for authentic vegan products. The instant noodles also received the Halal designation from the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand.

    Organic agricultural products (grown without artificial growth or pesticides) and fresh local ingredients are used. The farmers who grow products for ONOFF SPICES in the poor northeast of Thailand have been selected in cooperation with local farmers' organisations. This ensures that farmers are helped to switch to organic and sustainable agriculture.

    The main reason for these farmers to grow organic products is that ONOFF SPICES guarantees them to buy the harvest at a respectable price. ONOFF SPICES motivates the farmers to maintain the new way of working for them. Not only does it guarantee farmers an income, but sustainable agriculture also improves the quality of their land. In addition, relevant remuneration improves the social conditions in which the farmers live.

    Thai food is challenging, sometimes spicy, but always surprisingly tasty. With our products you can easily make a tantalising Thai dish yourself. Our organic, mostly vegetarian, ready-to-eat soups, instant noodle soups, wok sauces and curry pastes are made in Thailand in such a way that you can enjoy them quickly. Easy to make at home and 100% Thai. Really Thai, because we make no concessions to the taste.
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    Superior organic convenience products.

    A fast growing Dutch company in Thailand which produces top quality 100% natural and organic Thai convenience products for the preparation of authentic Thai curries, soups and stir fried dishes.


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